Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice

Publication Date

Fall 2017


This article will address the need to increase positive attitudes toward Spanish in Spanish Language Heritage (SLH) classrooms and provide strategies to integrate the arts to support this goal. The primary goals of the contemporary SHL classroom are to maintain the language; to increase positive attitudes towards Spanish, including dialects; and to develop cultural awareness (Beaudrie, Ducal, & Potowsi, 2014). In many SHL classrooms the first two goals are accomplished by reading and writing in Spanish but the latter two goals are less prescriptive and in some classrooms, overlooked. However, it is essential to address students’ attitudes toward Spanish- in all their complexity- as part and parcel of the language acquisition process. Here, the arts serve as robust multilingual tools for self and cultural exploration. Integrating the arts allows students of varying abilities in the heritage language to communicate self, other and culture in a way that gives voice and meaning to their experiences.



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