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Summer 6-2020

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MFA - Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts

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Oliver Wasow

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Stuart Steck



Photographic imagery can transport a person mentally and emotionally to another place or another time, and create connections to people, memories, or experiences. A photograph can also conjure emotions or serve as a metaphor for something wholly unrelated to the image but triggered in our minds by our own history and impression of the image. Photographs can capture transitions and expanses of time by showing the movement of light, or via comparison in a series of images taken over periods of time.

My work has evolved to incorporate a series of images that focus on windows. Throughout the history of photography, the window has been a strong visual and metaphoric device. Windows can serve as a view within a view, a frame, a barrier, a layered reflection, or a voyeuristic peek inside the life of another. My thesis work explores the many ways that window imagery can invite a viewer to share a space or a view. Although my work is ultimately a reflection and connection to my own journey through the world and to my memories and encounters, it is also my goal to create a feeling or reaction in the viewer as they pull from their own life experiences and find their own connections and emotional responses within each image.


A photographic study and academic context of how windows, reflections, and layered views can connect the viewer with a memory or to another space and time.

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