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Summer 6-2020

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MFA - Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts

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Peter Rostovsky

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Deborah Davidson


Starting from the day we are born, society bombards us with rules, ethics, roles, and stereotypes as socially constructed ideals; however, as children we are not as concerned with these constructs. Children want to feel included and loved, exploring their curiosity about the world through play. Does any of this change as we grow older? A large part of our quest in life revolves around finding comfort and belonging while being part of something bigger than ourselves. Regardless of where we see ourselves within society, our associations and actions create relatable feelings of belonging, connection, and purpose.

In my current installations, I employ retired climbing ropes to explore personal curiosity and experiences. With these materials, I construct various forms and structures that draw on some of our instincts, creating a space where femininity, ruggedness, memory, materiality, risk, and mindfulness coexist. Thereby, I create an experience where time slows down, or maybe even stops for a brief moment, in order to locate and preserve a place of wonder and sublimity.

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