Date of Award

Summer 6-25-2023

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MFA - Master of Fine Arts


Creative Arts

First Advisor

Stuart Steck

Second Advisor

Laurel Sparks


What influences the lens through which we view art and the value we ascribe to it? This paper investigates the ways in which the historically gendered philosophy of “The Sublime,” a lack of institutional access, and traditionally gendered materials have acted as impediments for women in the arts. Discussion is given to the ways that masculine rhetoric in terms of “The Sublime” prevented women from attaining what was once considered the highest level of artistic achievement. Further attention is given to obstructions female artists face(d) in terms of gaining intuitional access within the art world. Finally, I examine the ways in which works using certain materials, specifically textiles, fibers, and needlework, have traditionally been dismissively classified as “craft” or “women’s work.” Throughout the paper, I will also examine how my own artistic practice seeks to address these issues. Towards this end, I will address specific examples of my work and how it not only serves to decenter a traditional history of landscape painting, but to empower female artists and their experiences.

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