Date of Award

Spring 1-12-2019

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MFA - Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts

First Advisor

Jan Avgikos

Second Advisor

Peter Rostovsky

Third Advisor

Marc Handelman


My current work is a continuation of the popular motif of urban decay influenced by artists, writers, scientists, and philosophers. It presents my belief that over the past two centuries our fast-paced, industrialized, technology-driven world has disconnected people from nature and from one another. While industrialization and technology have wrought numerous benefits, this disconnection has had devastating effects on the health and wellbeing of humans, as well as the health of the environment. My current work is an artistic interpretation inspired by the theme of the Rewilding movement. Rewilding is aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas. It can also be defined as a means of restoring ways of living that create greater health and wellbeing for humans and the ecosystems to which we belong.

My thesis addresses social and environmental issues, which are the overarching themes of my current work. The following pages trace my personal and artistic journey to this point, illustrating how my own ideas, previous work, and research have informed my thesis paintings.

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