Date of Award

Spring 2-2017

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MA - Master of Arts


Mindfulness Studies

First Advisor

Melissa Jean

Second Advisor

Nancy Waring


The purpose of this paper is to explore the potential benefits of integrating mindfulness practice into family life based on the idea of the changing nature of modern childhood. This changing nature increases the need for mindfulness interventions and will be discussed based on three main themes: the increase in speed of life and subsequent stress, decrease in free-play and time spent in nature, and the inundation of digital influence and distraction. There will be a focus on the notion of silence as an important element of mindfulness practice. This paper will offer an initial understanding of these topics based on a broad generalization of “family” as children being raised in a home with any variation of parent relationship. The purpose of this discussion and project is to provide parents with an understanding of mindfulness practice for the whole family. Based on the research and publications utilized in this study, mindfulness would be an effective practice for parents and children to utilize to combat some of negative affects seen in today’s youth population. Further research on measuring outcomes and benefits would be a worthwhile area of study.

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