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Spring 5-5-2019

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MA - Master of Arts


Mindfulness Studies

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Dr. Melissa Jean

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Dr. Nancy Waring


Mindfulness in the workplace is a subject that has seen significant growth in recent years. Mindfulness, which is rooted in ancient contemplative practice, has gained much traction among Western audiences over the last few decades. The application of Mindfulness practices is prevalent now in workplaces, where its efficacy has been well-documented, and impact has included the reduction of employee stress, increased productivity, and enhancement of one’s well-being.

The principles of mindfulness can be applied across disparate workplace settings and in nearly any situation to help bolster employees’ presence and focus in the day-to-day and retain them in the place of employment. Additionally, in the context of rapid technological advancement and ever-increasing pressures in the workplace, the practice of mindfulness can be especially beneficial in helping individuals stay calm and grounded. In fact, with high-stress jobs and modern life moving at a frantic pace, it is increasingly important for individuals to become and stay attuned to their core values. Values can enable grounding and steadfastness among employees in times of chaos and uncertainty, which can help promote stability within and across the organization.

As organizational cultures shift and leadership structures become increasingly horizontal, employees at all levels are being encouraged to lead within their realm. Thus, surfacing the importance of self-leadership in promoting organizational integrity. The potential power of self-leadership as a mechanism to better individual and organizational well-being is the basis of Doing from Being, a mindfulness curriculum described in this paper, that aims to harness the focus and commitment of individuals in promoting their own well-being and consequently the health of their workplace.

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