Date of Award

Spring 5-22-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

MA - Master of Arts


Social Sciences

First Advisor

Nancy Waring

Second Advisor

Melissa Jean


This two-part paper explores digital mindfulness as an emerging field of inquiry and practice into the integration of technology and contemplative practices. The first part surveys the growing research on the effects of technology on health and well-being. Investigating Buddhist teachings leads to a more balanced and aware approach towards integrating mindfulness with the digital world. Digital mindfulness encourages meaningful engagement while online. It also encourages thoughtfulness, awareness and intention. Digital mindfulness also reshapes and encourages conversations in our homes, schools, and proposes digital responsibility and digital citizenship. The second part of the paper proposes a framework for a workshop called Digital Street Smarts. Digital Street Smarts encourages individuals to use their inner compass, common sense, and (technological and compassionate) savviness to become more aware, intentional, and action oriented in making informed decisions about technology use. The workshop primarily delivered to youth, but adaptable to all ages, explores various themes including Buddhist teachings and practices, brain development, awareness, critical thinking, leadership, and the importance of empowering each of us to be engaged, active and intentional in the integration of our online and offline worlds.