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Spring 4-2018

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MA - Master of Arts


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Melissa Jean

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Nancy Waring


This paper explains attachment theory, its acquisition in early childhood, and the difficulties that manifest from an insecure attachment. First time parents aspiring to raise their children differently than they were raised may lack the skills to alter habitual patterns of behaviors deeply embedded since childhood. The following research provides evidence of the myriad challenges that emerge from insecure attachments. Included are studies illustrating ways in which mindfulness and meditation have been found useful to individuals struggling with some of the challenges brought on by insecure attachments. Insecure attachments developed in early childhood have been found to impact relationships in school, work and family life. The evidence suggests that teaching mindful parenting with an attachment focus may prevent the transmission of insecure attachment to the next generation. The attached curriculum was designed to give expectant parents an opportunity to relinquish habitual, unbeneficial behaviors while helping their babies develop secure attachments by learning and practicing mindfulness and meditation skills as well as having a foundational understanding of attachment, as they begin their parenting journey.

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