Date of Award

Spring 1-15-2024

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Degree Name

MA - Master of Arts


Mindfulness Studies

First Advisor

Melissa Jean

Second Advisor

Andrew Olendzki


In a world fraught with systemic injustices, where the intersecting forces of racism and misogyny

weigh heavily on the lives of Black women, there is a growing need for spaces of empowerment,

healing, and self-discovery. This thesis embarks on a profound journey into the transformative

potential of a culturally grounded four-day mindfulness and well-being retreat by creating and

presenting an experience explicitly tailored for Black women. The retreat is meticulously

designed to resonate with Black women's cultural and spiritual backgrounds. It uniquely fuses

Kemetic Yoga™ practices, mindfulness techniques, and candid discussions to dismantle

systemic oppression. The retreat provides a sanctuary for Black women to reclaim their inner

power, rewrite their narratives, and liberate themselves from the burdens of injustice. Through a

deep exploration that combines qualitative insights and participant perspectives, this research

investigates the impact of these retreats on well-being, self-perception, and the adoption of

mindfulness practices. The results reveal the empowering effect of a mindfulness retreat deeply

rooted in culture, highlighting their capacity as conduits for self-discovery and healing. The

retreat provides valuable tools for self-empowerment, especially in navigating the challenges

posed by systemic oppression. This study underscores the compelling necessity for inclusive,

culturally sensitive approaches to holistic well-being, revealing the intricate interplay between

mindfulness, spirituality, and social justice within the African diaspora. Ultimately, the four-day

mindfulness and well-being retreat emerges as a vital agent of transformation for Black women,

fortifying their inner strength, nurturing their well-being, and catalyzing broader social change.

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