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MA - Master of Arts


Mindfulness Studies

First Advisor

Melissa Jean

Second Advisor

Andrew Olendzki



This thesis argues that sustainable mindfulness programming in secondary schools’ benefits teachers, students, and community members by providing a supportive school culture that values and nurtures holistic learning. The rationale for this project examines the contributions of mindful educators, the impact of mindfulness on social-emotional learning (SEL), the advantageousness of mindful students in secondary schools, and the significance of developing mindful school culture. The creative project for this thesis then outlines a school-based mindfulness program (SBMP) that integrates each of these components. This thesis project is a training manual that provides guidance on how to implement a sustainable mindfulness program in secondary schools. The training manual presents information on mindfulness and its relevance to education, explains the fundamental components of a mindful moment room (MMR), outlines step-by-step procedures and protocols for operating a MMR, offers guided exercises and activities to use in a MMR, provides suggested materials to actualize a MMR, and details the ambassador training program necessary to appropriately staff a MMR.

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