Norma Canner, Part 2


Norma Canner, Part 2


Alyssa Pacy


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Norma Canner follows up the first interview by describing her psychological techniques she used for psychotherapy, the effect of Freudian thinking on her work, and advice on helping students deal with their work. She describes the work that she did with students at the time, remarking on the classroom environment and other experiences in her classes at Lesley.

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Lesley University


Norma Canner, Expressive Therapies, Dance therapy, Lesley University, former faculty, Oral History

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  • Folder Comments (additional stuff such as publications /links):
  • A copy of her Book: ...and a time to dance
  • A Photography of Norma
  • Field notes
  • An a bio on Norma from Bushy Theater INC
  • A list of videotapes featuring Norma that library may have
  • Film review from the NYTimes from 1999
  • Two articles written by Norma for Bushy Theater. INC
  • Article from the Fall 1997 Arts with Special Needs Students Monograph featuring Norma and Anne Brownell
  • Two articles from American Journal of Dance Therapy
  • A letter from Anne Brownell the Executive Director of The Norma G. Canner Foundation For Voice Moment Therapy
  • An article about Norma receiving special recondition from the Department of Mental Health
  • Article about two of Norma's films being screened at the Boston Jewish Film Festival in 2004
  • Various other articles featuring Norma
  • Oral History Release form

Norma Canner, Part 2