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Pendulum, founded by the Friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year, and contains prose, verse and graphic art by undergraduates and alumnae of Lesley College.

Publication Date

Spring 1969

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA



01 Carol Ramsay Of Tutu & Pim

02 Anne-Hart Herrick,"Face"

03 Judith Milhender "For You"

04 Elaine Coughlin,"Further Ramblings on the MBTA or Give My Love to Charly"

06 Anita Silverstein,"Growing Pains"

07 Boris Gertz,"Poem"

08 Cathy Cote,"Poem"

09 Cathy Cote,"America Today"

10 Mary Fitzgerald,"The Lab"

12 Cathy Sears,"Haiku"

12 Paulette Nemiccolo,"Haiku"

12 Tara Tuck,"Mother & Child"

13 Linda Gordon,"Through a Glass Grayly"

14 Andrea Nordin,"Pen & Ink"

15 Annette Friedman, "By Art's Side"

17 Christine Banks, "Wood"

18 Carol Ramsay,"To D ••. Again"

19 m.s.,"Poem"

19 Tara Tuck,"Still Life"

20 Sandra Hillman,"Chapter I"

24 Anne-Hart Herrick,"Amy"

25 Loisann Brookman,"Jazz Genesis"

28 Cheryl Rust,"Elephant"

29 Anne Lunt,"Poem"

30 Christine Banks,"Boston"

31 Elaine Coughlin,"Fugue"

32 Anne-Hart Herrick, "Statue"

32 Gail Norton,"Moon"

34 Ruth Bradford,"Cries for Help"

36 Marilyn Granville,"The Gym"

39 Jane Raoul,"Peace"

40 Judith Milhender,"Scream World"

42 From Us

43 Dr. Leslie Oliver,"Jet Flight"

44 Jane Raoul,"Baby"

45 Children's Poetry,"Children's Poetry"

47 Judy Almeida,"Mouse"

52 Christine Banks,"May"

Pendulum (1969)



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