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Pendulum, founded by the Friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year, and contains prose, verse, photography, and graphic art by undergraduates, alumnae, and friends of Lesley College.

Publication Date

Spring 1970

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA



05 Peter Davis,"The Viet Nam War"

06 Marsha Leavitt,"Recollection"

08 Nancy Vogler,"Poem 1"

08 Nancy Vogler,"Poem 2"

09 Marilyn Granville,"The Whistler"

10 Debbie Schwartz,"J = [(fxD)7M] + (T + J1)"

18 Paulette T. Nemiccolo,"One Thought …"

19 Paulette T. Nemiccolo,"Love Remained"

20 Cathy Cote ,"Poem"

22 John Gillerman,"Frantically Hilarious"

22 Mark Tashjian, "The Wind Whispered a Secret to Me"

24 XYZ,"Both Sides Now"

33 Deborah Slutsky,"Links"

35 Jane Bailey,"Brent"

36 Robin Pearlman,"Untitled"

37 Mark Taylor,"The Color Wheel"

38 Carla Newton,"Are You Awake?"

38 Cathy Cote,"Poem"

39 Patti Gordon,"The Pain of People"

40 Karen Perelman,"Poem 1"

42 R. B. Simington,"Friend"

44 Karen Perelman,"Poem 2"

45 Margo Klestinec,"Up There"

46 Mark Taylor,"Death"

47 Mark Taylor,"Untitled"

Pendulum (1970)



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