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Pendulum, founded by the friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year and contains prose, verse, photography, and graphic art by the undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Lesley College.

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA


Creative Writing | Fiction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Nonfiction | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


Table of Contents

05 Denise DelDuca,"Poem"

06 Donna Kazounis,"Spellhound"

08 Donna Hopson, "Poem"

09 Donna Hopson, "Poem"

10 Becky Bailey, "Drawing"

11 Kim Su Mandly, "Minimanizing the Max The Smile"

12 Hanna Probst,"A Fairy Tale"

15 Kim Su Mandly,"Drawing"

16 Donna Hospon,"Nadine"

17 Jean Ammon,"Drawing"

18 Seach School Grade 5,"March is-"

19 Donna Hospon, "Beachglass"

20 Denise DelDuca, "Poem"

21 Bronwyn Dillon, "Photograph"

22 Alice Yong,"Poem"

24 Luanne Witkowski,"Drawing"

25 Lina Kipper,"Friend"

26 Joan Greenberg,"Rehearsal"

27 Julie O'Neil,"Photography"

28 Dimitra Caris, "And Then"

29 Ellen S. Kalman "Wee Angus of Scott Drive"

30 Kathy Derda,"Photograph"

31 CathI Cherry,"Sonnet"

32 Beckly Baily,"Drawing"

33 Jeanne Amaral,"Now You See Me"

34 Kathy Derda, "Photograph"

35 Linda Kipper,"Home"

36 Seach School Grade 5, "I used to be-but now-"

37 Laurie Nota,"Photography"

38 Becky Bailey,"Drawing"

39 Diane Shulklapper,"Is It Time Yet?"

40 Crystal C.Haynes,"Words and Feelings I"

41 Judy Strauss,"Solitude"

42 Lesley Deeb, "Photograph"

43 Donna Kazounis,"Eternity"

44 Judy Gersten,"Wasting Time in the City"

45 Julie O'Neil,"Photograph"

46 Jean Ammon,"Drawing"

47 Henlene Maltzman,"Prose"

48 Donna Kazounis,"Rainy Relections"

49 Jeanne Amaral,"The Trip Home"

52 Jean Ammon,"Drawing"

53 Jean Ammon,"The Mobile"

54 Lesely Deeb,"Lesley Deeb"

55 Lyneelle Surprenany,"Prose"

Pendulum (1978)



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