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Pendulum, founded by the friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year and contains prose, verse, photography, and graphic art by the undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Lesley College.

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA


Creative Writing | Fiction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Nonfiction | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


Table of Contents

05 Toni Guatneri Conley,"Paperhouses"

06 Beckey Bailey,"Etching"

07 Diane Shulklapper,"Prose"

08 Lisa S. Breger, "Line Drawing"

09 Jude Campbell,"Lamentations for Two"

10 Karen Panasevich, "Musicians"

12 Diane O'Neil,"Photograph"

13 Heidi Lasch, "His Head"

13 Blake Chandler, "Poem"

13 Stephan Duly, "Poem"

14 Rachel Schlisserman,"The Rocking Chair"

16 Julie O'neil, "Photographer"

17 Debra Voci,"Kwheri"

18 Gene Cataldo, "Etching"

19 Jude Campbell,"The Noon Day Organ Recital"

20 Nona Charleston, "Photograph"

21 Susan Veno, "Prose"

23 Adria Goldman, "Photograph"

24 Lisa S. Breger, "Looking On"

25 Stanley Klein, "Photograph"

26 Deni McGrath,"Photograph"

27 Marci Slotnick, "Together, Alone"

29 Linda LaCivita,"Line Drawing"

30 Mary Lou Bartholomew, "Pencil Drawling"

31 Toni Guarneri Conley, "The Water Poem"

32 Lisa S. Breger, "I"

33 Harriet Grossman

34 Cathi Cherry, "Where Fribees Dare To Wander"

35 Julie O'neil,"Photograph"

36 Linda LaCivita, Woodcut

37 Linda Ahern, "Prose"

38 Toni Guarneri Conley, Pregnant Angles

39 Susan Chase, "Photograph"

40 Kim Mandly, "Kim Mandly"

41 Cheryle Robertson,"Line Drawing"

43 Peter Roche,"Photograph"

44 Besty Chorney,"Doctor"

45 Leslie LaRette,"Pencil Drawing"

46 Honor McClellan,"Poem"

Pendulum (1976)



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