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Pendulum, founded by the friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year and contains prose, verse, photography, and graphic art by the undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Lesley College.

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA


Creative Writing | Fiction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Nonfiction | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


Table Of Contents

05 Diane Bernstein,"Poem"

06 Kim Mandly,"Line Drawing"

07 Toni Guarneri,"Peoms"

08 Karen L. Panaservich,"The Beginning Of The Dream"

09 Debby Littlell,"Photograph

10 Eudora Wilkerson,"My Mom"

10 Eudora Wilkerson,"My Father"

11 Sue Lebow,"Photograph"

12 Eudora Wilkerson,"Earlier"

12 Eudora Wilkerson,"W'hat I Think About Prejudiced People"

12 Eudora Wilkerson,"Life Is What You Make It"

13 Hiedi Eastburn,"OnThe Death Of A Little Boy"

14 Peter Roche,"Photograph"

15 Loma Alyward Rodio,"Prose"

17 Pamela Worth,"Acid Print"

18 Pamela Worth,"Pencil Drawing"

19 Karren L. Panasevich

22 Susan Chase,"Photograph"

23 Cindy Ellen Soderlund,"Poem"

24 Donna Carr,"Etching"

25 Diane Gurette,"Of Snowflakes and Other Dreams"

28 Sara S.Englander,"My Father On Earth"

29 Emily Nosworthy,"Photography"

30 Lisa S. Breger,"Poem"

30 Lisa S. Breger,"When In Summer Comes The Wind"

31 Donna Carr,"Pencil Drawing"

32 Linda LaCivita,"Block Print"

33 Kim Mandly,"No Need For Money"

36 Mary Lou Bartholomew,"Drawing"

37 Sara S.Englander,"Poem"

39 Pamela Seeley,"Photograph"

40 Carol Kort,"Beacon Hill Sunday Brunch"

41 Linda LaCivita,"WoodCut"

42 Sara S. Englander,"Downstairs"

45 Susan Chase,"Photograph"

46 Lisa S. Breger,"Mother"

47 Mary Lou Bartholomew,"Block Print"

48 Carol Kort,"July 1975"

Pendulum (1975)



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