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Pendulum, founded by the friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year and contains prose, verse, photography, and graphic art by the undergraduate students of Lesley College.

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA


Creative Writing | Fiction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Nonfiction | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking


Table of Contents

05 Jeanne Merrill,"There's Something Beyond"

06 Rachel Curran,"Photograph"

07 Denise DelDuca,"Poem"

08 Sandi Matthews,"Poem"

09 Mary Dick,"Fire Drill"

10 Paulla Allen,"Art"

11 Susan Maslow,"A Friend Like You"

12 Nicole Cote,"Dragonfly"

13 Amy Woodburn,"Art"

14 Jennifer Dubrowski,"For You"

15 S.E.S,"Blue Hours"

16 Karen Valins,"Photograph"

17 Amy Woodburn,"Poem"

18 Robin Berman,"Prose"

19 Karen Dworman,"Art"

20 Karen Valins,"Art"

21 Linda S. Savanauskas,"Poem"

22 Mary Dick,"Bank Loan"

23 Paulla Allen,"Art"

24 Linda Zarr,"Photograph"

25 Denise DelDuca,"Poem"

26 Ellen Kalman,"Art"

27 A.M.,"He Came"

28 Jennifer Dubrowski,"The Flawless Mirror"

29 Deane J. Creamer,"Poem"

30 Christine Kuhn,"Photograph"

31 Ellen Kalman,"Interview"

32 Rachel Curran,"Photograph"

33 A.M.,"The Tree"

34 S.E.S.,"You Are Always With Me"

36 Georgia Tasoulas,"Art"

Pendulum (1981)



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