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Pendulum, founded by the Friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year, and contains prose, verse, and graphic art by undergraduates and alumnae of Lesley College.

Publication Date

Spring 1964

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA



07 Susan Abrams, "Walden"

08 Hara Mitkoff, "Susan Abrams"

09 Shirley Cain,"The Phantom Loves"

14 Edith Cheever, "From the African Hills"

16 Jonina Herter, "Squelched"

18 Joan Teachout, "Joy to the World"

21 Sheila Klein, ". . . as I . . . lay dying"

25 Georgene Ganezer,"Conformity"

26 Hara Mitkoff,"Transient Visitor"

28 Carol Morrow,"A Farewell to Arms"

30 Georgene Ganezer,"Contrast"

31 Bettie Doherty, "A Mouse in a Maze"

34 Diane Bass,"But What If the Bomb Tomorrow?" 34

36 Juanita L. Johnston,"But Then Face to Face"

38 Joan Teachout,"Only a Picture of a Sixth Grade Summer"

39 Patricia Egan,"A Few Courageous Voices"

44 Hara Mitkoff,"Snowfall"

46 Lois Sommerfeld,"The Road Taken"

48 Lynn Kaplan,"A Light Burns"

49 Elaine Frankel,"Now I Lay Me"

52 Joan Teachout,"Poem to a Deaf Child"

53 Jonina Herter,"Herself"

56 Carole Lindeman,"Decisions"

57 Beth Krinsky,"Haiku"

53 Jonina Herter,"Herself"

Pendulum (1964)



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