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Pendulum, founded by the Friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year, and contains prose, verse, and graphic art by undergraduates and alumnae of Lesley College.

Publication Date

Spring 1966

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA



07 Laurie Abrams,"Before the Rainwind"

08 Annette Friedman,"Emptiness"

09 Juanita Johnston, "Yet We Are Two"

14 Janina Herter,"Coming After Curfew"

15 Patricia Egan,"The Far Field"

19 Hale Cheever,"Tropic Shadows Edith"

21 Martha Lovering, "Green Carniva"

22 Elaine Frankel, "Mirror Mirror on the Wall I Do Not See Myself at All"

27 Elaine Franke,"Between Sunrise and Sunset

29 Laurie Abrams,"Inside a Special Glow"

32 Patricia Egan,"Summer"

33 Laurie Abrams,"This One Day"

35 Janina Herter,"Do I?"

36 Juanita Johnston, "Clip, Clip"

38 Carol Kalfaian,"Lilacs"

39 Susanne Mallegol, "Dialogue "

42 Susan Geller,"The Unknown"

43 Jan Kelleher,"The Sound of Life's Death"

45 Janina Herter,"But, Can't I Speak"

46 Annette Friedman,"Tell Me Please"

49 Marci Sissman,"Chris"

51 Janina Herter,"Markings"

52 Susanne Mallegol,"The Interview"

54 Eileen Cutler,"An Awakening"

54 Patricia Egan,"Simply Pat"

58 "Children's Poetry"

Pendulum (1966)



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