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Pendulum, founded by the Friends of the Livingston Stebbins Library, is published once a year, and contains prose, verse, and graphic art by undergraduates and alumnae of Lesley College.

Publication Date

Spring 1968

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Lesley College


Cambridge, MA



07 Carol E. Ramsay,"A Forever Sound"

08 Diane Glucksman,"To R."

10 Loisann Brookman,"Coup De Soleil"

12 Judi Kanner,"The Telephone"

13 Robin Pearlman,"In The Magicless City of Darkness"

16 ms.,"Poem"

18 Judith Milhender, "A Circle"

18 Carol Kalfaian, "My Dear John Letter"

19 Elaine Coughlin,"Park St. Under"

20 Carol Kalfaian,"Meeting"

21 Judith Milhender,"Thoughts and Conversation"

24 Jane Bailey,"Perenniality"

25 Carol E. Ramsay,"Night Thoughts"

25 Carol E. Ramsay,"Image"

29 Loisann Brookman, "Design"

28 Laurie Abrams, "Among That Bed Sowide"

29 Anita Silverstein,"Poems"

30 Sarah Sternlieb,"Suffering Still"

31 Diane Roach,"Poem"

33 Judith Milhender, "Poems"

35 Anne Marie Hestnes,"In Retrospect"

38 Janice Sarno,"Do It All For Me"

39 Debbie Slutsky,"It's Morning"

40 Robin Pearlman,"Poem1"

41 Robin Pearlman,"Poem2"

43 Laurie D' Amico,"Yesterday"

47 Elaine Coughlin,"I Have Seen You"

48 Gail Duboe,"Noon"

49 Elaine Coughlin,"Cloud Watcher"

50 Gail Duboe,"Dark"

52 Children's Poetry

Pendulum (1968)



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