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Taking In is a student run project featuring a selection of work created by students attending the college of art and design. The project focuses on the business of promoting art and culminates each year with a juried exhibition, publication and a website all designed to promote selected works of AIB artists. The selected pieces were chosen anonymously by a jury of distinguished members of the Boston Art Community to represent the best of undergraduate in 2007. The book in your hands is the end result of a collective effort by those in the class.

Publication Date

Spring 2007

Document Type



The Art Institute of Boston


Boston, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Video, Art


Art and Design | Art Education | Art Practice | Arts and Humanities | Book and Paper | Education | Fine Arts | Photography



Dan Bassett

Sam Kravitz

Michael Dolan

Kevin Barton

Gretjen Helene Hargesheimer

Kelly Burgess

Ashley Saccoach

Marissa Molinaro

John Tobin

Ummeayman Tyebjee

Laurel Demarco


Judith Black

Stacey McCarroll Cutshaw

John Hirsch

Table of Contents

Black & White

01 John Dolan, “Bussey Brook”

01 John Dolan, “Beech Path”

02 Samantha Safer, “Genya Fische In Her Apartment”

03 Samantha Safer, “The Sea”

04 Christoph Hoodlet, “Untitled”

05 Dan Tedeschi, “Untitled”

06 Neil Contractor, “Untitled”

06 Neil Contractor, “Untitled”

07 Chris Villano, “Dave”

08 Chris Sanchez, “Transition”

08 Chris Sanchez, “A Game We Play”

09 Chris Sanchez, “Solace”

09 Chris Sanchez, “Our Distance”

10 Shawna Suffriti, “Birds”

10 Shawna Suffriti, “Cornhill”

11 Todd Ritch, “Hero”

12 David Fricke, “Untitled”

13 Kevin Barton, “Untitled”

13 Kevin Barton, “Untitled”

13 Kevin Barton, “Untitled”

14 Amanda Kilton, “Hebron, Connecticut”

15 Amanda Kilton, “Lebanon, Connecticut”

16 Kevin Barton, “Bob”

16 Kevin Barton, “Phil”


01 Sarah Morrill, “#1”

02 Paris Visone, “Swap Shop 07”

02 Paris Visone, “Taylor, Amber, Lisa, 07”

03 Bonnie Moses, “Lighted Incense”

04 Lucille Huffman, “Diner”

05 Sharlene M. Ickes, “Colonial Drug”

05 Sharlene M. Ickes, “Colonial Drug”

06 Esteban Aladro, “Matt”

07 Erin Thompson, “Untitled”

07 Erin Thompson, “Untitled”

07 Erin Thompson, “Untitled”

07 Erin Thompson, “Untitled”

08 Karla Clute, “Reverend Godless”

09 Justin Goodstein-Aue, “Fountain”

09 Justin Goodstein-Aue, “Mail Box”

10 Taryn Palmisano, “Untitled #9”

11 Molly Geiger, “Dorie”

12 Aleigha Howland, “Untitled”

12 Aleigha Howland, “Untitled”

12 Aleigha Howland, “Untitled”

12 Aleigha Howland, “Untitled”

13 Jonathan Laurence, “Waist Line”

14 Ariele Hertzoff, “Untitled”

15 Taylor Hingston, “Creek”

16 Nicole Mandel, “Tyler”

16 Nicole Mandel, “Grandma Billie”

17 Erika Noone, “Matt”

17 Erika Noone, “Andrew”

18 Ashley Haley, “Tower of Babel”

18 Ashley Haley, “Modifying Façade”

19 Shelby Skumanich, “Terry, Meadowbrook Coal Company”

20 Kyle Cundy, “Lisa, 1961”20 Kyle Cundy, “Julie, 1972”

21 Jonathan Bakos, “Mike Falls from Portland, Maine”

21 Jonathan Bakos, “They Drive by Night”

22 Lucille Huffman, “Norma”

22 Lucille Huffman, “Shirley”

22 Lucille Huffman, “Bill”

22 Lucille Huffman, “Betty”

23 Kelly Burgess, “Untitled”

23 Kelly Burgess, “Untitled”

24 Neil Contractor, “BPL”

24 Neil Contractor, “South Station”

25 Erin Mushalla, “Tea and Insulin”

26 Chad Meyer, “#12”

Taking In: AIB Photography 2007