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Taking In: RAW is a juried annual student run publication and exhibition that showcases the best of 2015 LUCAD undergraduate photography and video. For over ten years, creative minds have come together to produce not just a display of brilliant work, but a celebration. A celebration of the most extraordinary work LUCAD has to offer.

Publication Date

Spring 2015

Document Type



Lesley University


Cambridge, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Art, video


Fine Arts | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography



Ally Campbell

Juliet Degree

Carrie Degutis

Emilie Fong

Karen Judin

Cassondra Marcy

Pietra Otero

Sara Plum

Hannah Grace Richman

Brittany Smith

Lucy Whitehouse

Stephanie Wrightington

Editor in Chief

Shannon Reed


Alexa D’Arienzo

Ann Jiang


Andre Reusch


Henry Horenstein

Maja Orsic

Table of Contents

06 Mike Bodall, “Dorchester, MA”

07 Mike Bodall, “East Boston, MA”

08 Hannah Richman, “Bellyup”

09 Hannah Richman, “Knee High”

10 Sara Plum, “Dad”

11 Sara Plum, “Nana Eleanor”

12 Kolin Perry, “Untitled”

13 Kolin Perry, “Untitled”

14 Ally Campbell, “Apple Slices”

15 Nicole Dahlmer, “Living Room Light”

16 Cassondra Marcy, “Old Mill”

17 Cassondra Marcy, “Yellow House”

18 Lilia Volodina, “Use it or Lose it”

19 Lilia Volodina, “Those Lovely Memories”

20 Juliet Degree, “King of Beer”

21 Juliet Degree, “Wasp Nest”

22 Shannon Reed, “Balanced”

23 Sloane Volpe, “Untitled”

24 Alexandra Gondek, “Here You Left Me”

25 Alexandra Gondek, “Return to What Remains”

26 Morgan LaCasse, “Katherine”

27 Morgan LaCasse, “Exercise”

28 Carson Cordaro, “Untitled 1”

29 Carson Cordaro, “Untitled 2”

30 Jackie Barnes, “London 3”

31 Courtney Crawford, “Untitled 7;

32 Morgan Dent, “Distortion;

33 Carrie DeGutis, “Cats Rule”

34 Tynan Byrne, “Brother Crash”

35 Lucy Whitehouse, “Deaf Apostolate of Boston”

36 Ann Abbruzzese, “Breath”

37 Kelly Dunham, “Art and Anxiety”

38 Vanessa Leroy, “Black Lives Matter”

39 Karen Judin, “Bright Yellow”

40 Brittany Smith, “The Suit”

41 Sydney Altschuler, “Girl at Football Game”

42 Ali Russo, “Ladylike”

43 Pietra Thomas Otero, “Halloween 2014”

44 Stephanie Wrightington, “Untitled”

45 Meaghan Stevens, “From All Over”

46 Camilla Jerome, “Untitled”

47 Camilla Jerome, “Untitled”


50 Tynan Byrne, “Sugar”

51 Claire Roche, “Half Dreaming Reprise”

Taking In: RAW The Best of Lesley University College of Art and Design Undergraduate Photography 2015