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Taking In is a juried annual student-run publication that showcases the best of LUCAD undergraduate photography and video. The project focuses on the business of promoting art and culminates each year with a juried exhibition, publication, and website all designed to promote selected works of AIB artists. The selected pieces were chosen anonymously by a jury of distinguished members of the Boston art community. The book in your hand is the end result of a collective effort by those in the class.

Publication Date

Spring 2016

Document Type



Lesley University


Cambridge, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Video, Art


Art and Design | Art Education | Art Practice | Book and Paper | Fine Arts | Photography



Karen Judin


Emilie Fong

Tyler Healey

Rigby Kelly

Sarah Lemansky

Dan Porras

Kristen Powell

Jackson Reeves-Henning

Andre Ruesch

Thap Saengsouriyheth

Sydney Thayer

Danielle Tolson


Barbara Hitchcock

Paula Tognarelli

Table of Contents

5 Kristen Powell

6 Kolin Perry

7 Lilly Nathan

8 Ki Choquette

9 Sarah Lemansky

10 Olivia Becchio

11 Olivia Becchio

12 Krista Gallant

13 Krista Gallant

14 Rigby Kelly

15 Rigby Kelly

16 Lilly Nathan

17 Sarah Lemansky

18 Ally Campbell

19 Ally Campbell

20 Mike Bodall

21 Mike Bodall

22 Paal Williams

23 Emma Dixon

24 Isabella Hererra

25 Marial Porzelt

26 Haley McIsaac

27 Molly O’Donnell

28 Lucy Whitehouse

29 Lucy Whitehouse

30 Thap Saengsouriyheth

31 Danielle Tolson

32 Shannon Reed

33 Jackson Reeves-Henning

34 Hannah Richman

35 Hannah Richman

36 Sophie Gibbings

37 Sophie Gibbings

38 Brittany Smith

39 Emilie Fong

40 Stephanie Wrightington

41 Stephanie Wrightington

42 Kelly Dunham

43 Charlotte Anstett

44 Karen Judin

45 Meaghan Stevens

46 Jordan McGonigle

47 Sara Eppstein

48 Katarina Bishop

49 Michael Coleman

50 Lee Wormald

Taking In: A Juried Selection of Undergraduate Photography 2016