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Taking In is a juried annual student-run publication that showcases the best of LUCAD undergraduate photography and video. The project focuses on the business of promoting art and culminates each year with a juried exhibition, publication, and website all designed to promote selected works of AIB artists. The selected pieces were chosen anonymously by a jury of distinguished members of the Boston art community. The book in your hand is the end result of a collective effort by those in the class.

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Lesley University


Cambridge, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Art


Fine Arts | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography



Thap Saengsouriyheth


Chai Anstett

Meg Eckles

Dominique Giniusz

AnnaRose Goldwitz

Marissa Gonzalez

Tori Joyce

Andre Ruesch

Darcy Smith

Kelli Vance

Alan Vincent


Jessica Hong

Agnieszka Sosnowska

Table of Contents

1 Morgan Collins, “Trigger Finger”

2 Kyle Murdough, “Soìlheimasandur Plane Crash”

3 Kyle Murdough, “Kotstrandarkirkja Church Yard”

4 Mike Coleman, “Franks with Frank”

5 EMKB, “Untitled”

6 Deborah Ferraj, “Loaded Question, Persephone”

7 Morgan Dent, “Dancer”

8 Olivia Becchio, “Self Portrait in Stairwell”

9 Kelly Ryan, “Frame Up”

10 Pietra Otero, “Untitled”

11 Pietra Otero, “Untitled”

12 Sloane Volpe, “Medford, MA”

13 Marial Porzelt, “Where is Luis”

14 Thap Saengsouriyheth, “Nonne”

15 Thap Saengsouriyheth, “Les Garçons Français”

16 Lauren Cowe, “Fuck Trump”

17 Rigby Kelly, “Untitled”

18 Chai Anstett, “Subtle Bodies”

19 Marissa Gonzalez, “Good Housekeeping”

20 Alexis Ovitt, “Three Tree Division”

21 Alexis Ovitt, “Happenstance”

22 Jocelyn Dexter, “Untitled”

23 Jocelyn Dexter, “Untitled”

24 AnnaRose Goldwitz, “Untitled”

25 Kelly Ryan, “Designation”

26 Tyler Healey, “Untitled”

27 Tyler Healy, “Untitled”

28 Marial Porzelt, “Untitled”

29 Marial Porzelt, “My Father’s Creation”

30 Claire Roche, “Steak”

31 Claire Roche, “ProfotoHead”

32 Rafaela Acero Pinzon, “Chinacota”

33 Rafaela Acero Pinzon, “Plaza de Bolivar”

34 Noah Mulgay, “Vûe du Grand Palais du Seine”

35 Chelsea Shea, “On Bed with Cat”

36 Tori Joyce, “Chandelier”

37 Alan Vincent, “Worcester, Massachusetts”

38 Kate Stumcke, “Secret Unknown”

39 Lucy Whitehouse, “Besma #2”

40 Kelli Vance, “Nemesis”

41 Karen Judin, “Carla”

42 Sloane Volpe, “Medford, MA”

43 Sydney Keyes, “In Transition”

44 Lilly Nathan, “Fairy Bread”

45 Lilly Nathan, “Citrine”

46 Sydney Keyes, “This Is Us”

47 Brittany Smith, “Bomb on NYT”

48 Molly O’Donnell, “Untitled”

Taking In: A Juried Selection of Undergraduate Photography 2017