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Taking In is the culmination of a semester's worth of work done by a group of thirteen students who set out to publish a collection of the best of AIB's student work. Guided by professor and artist Matthew Nash, and previous issues of Taking In, the class organized production, solicited work from peers, selected distinguished members of the art community to jury the work, and communicated with a team of designers to layout the book. The thirty-seven images are only a fraction of the work currently being produced by the students at the Art Institute of Boston, and there is more yet to come.

Publication Date

Spring 2008

Document Type



The Art Institute of Boston


Boston, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Art


Art Education | Art Practice | Arts and Humanities | Book and Paper | Education | Fine Arts | Photography



Matthew Nash

Fred Levy

Nathan Felde

Bob Gielow

Dorothy Glenn

James Hull

Christopher James

Drew Katz

Andrew Mroczek

Josh Winer

Steven Zevitas

Book Designer

Nicholas Tazza


Kristen Dodge

Jim Fitts

Rania Matar

Arlette Kayafas

Table of Contents

01 Christopher Hoodlet, “Untitled”

02 Kelly Burgess, “A Decline”

03 Anna Fink, “Garden Series 3 of 12”

04 Molly Geiger, “Sayid's Bath”

05 Lauren Bockow, “Calamari Drizzle”

06 Jon Bakos, “Birdhouses and European Cars”

07 Ashley Saccoach, “Fly Away”

08 Shane Godfrey, “Untitled 3”

09 Lily Carlson, “Tyler about to wake up”

10 Margret Hall, “Untitled 1”

11 Margret Hall, “Untitled 1”

12 Ariele Hertzoff, “Untitled from Temporary Life in the U.K.”

13 Paul Yem, “Winthropy by the Sea”

14 Kevin Barton, “Untitled Camp 1”

15 Kevin Barton, “Untitled Camp 2”

16 Jennifer Webster, “Untitled 2”

17 Clare Robins, “56 Wendell Street”

18 Chritopher Sanchez, “Untitled 2”

19 Lauren Peate, “Arguement”

20 Katie O'Brien, “Untitled”

21 Buck Squibb, “Untitled”

22 Tara Sellios, “Untitled 3”

23 Michael Kasianchuk, “DJ Omega (DJ No Requests)”

24 Paris Visone, “Working Out”

25 Jodan Thomas, “Untitled”

26 Jared Kuzia, “Untitled”

27 Jared Kuzia, “Still Life from Armond's House”

28 Sam Rosenholtz, “Bike Photo #683, Theatre District”

29 Kelly Burgess, “Taryn (from the Fort Series)”

30 Kim Jordan, “Apples from Backyard Series”

31 Katie Cantor, “Untitled 3”

32 Samantha Safer, “Untitled”

33 Travis Hocutt, “Homage to Giacometti”

35 Paolo Unger Dvorchik, “Urban Paranoia”

36 Amber Vickery, “Untitled 1”

37 Amber Vickery, “Untitled 2”

38 Christopher Hoodlet, “Grandma's Garage”

Taking In: The Best of AIB Photography 2008