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Taking In showcases a selection of work from students attending the Art Institute of Boston Work was collected by members of this class for presentation before a jury of distinguished artists from outside of the school. The images selected by the jury were then sequenced for the book, which is designed to be distributed throughout the artistic community. In addition, the work is displayed in a gallery exhibition and on our website. In your hands is the result of the hard work and dedication of the members of this class.

Publication Date

Spring 2009

Document Type



The Art Institute of Boston


Boston, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Art


Art and Design | Art Education | Art Practice | Book and Paper | Education | Fine Arts | Photography



Betsy Cameron

Jena Duncan

Tim Gregor

Kim Jordan

Sam Matsumoto

Lauren Peate

Rachel Prouty

Julie Schiller

Megan Shanahan

Katrina Thorne

Kim Varney

Jennifer Webster

Kelly Burgess (TA)

Matthew Nash (Professor)

Casey Grenier


Jörg M. Colberg

Kelly Yount

Table of Contents

01 Nicole DeRosa, “The Blue Room”

02 Daniel Bleckley, “Basement Window”

03 Roland Jackson, “Kris”

04 Betsy Cameron, “Queen of the Island”

05 Daniel Bleckley, “Backyard”

06 Liz Affa, “Untitled from the series The Domestic Dilemma”

07 Daniel Caridi, “Downed Tree”

08 Daniel Caridi, “Deer Bed”

09 Adrienne Bocuzzo, “Best Friends”

10 Samantha Melfi, “Untitled”

11 Travis Hocutt, “Untitled”

12 Betsy Cameron, “Skin”

13 Tara Sellios, “Untitled”

14 Tara Sellios, “Untitled”

15 Shane Godfrey, “Sled Dogs - Laconia, New Hampshire”

16 Justin Kaneps, “Untitled”

17 Jacquelyn Dady, “Nancy y la Paloma”

18 Buck Squibb, “Hinckley Pond, Thanksgiving”

19 Rachel Prouty, “Universes #14”

20 Katrina Thorne, “Dancing”

21 Katrina Thorne, “Dancing”

22 Elizabeth Nguyen, “Reach”

23 Rich Goenne, “From the series: Masks and Mannequins”

24 Annie Brignolo, “Combination 1”

25 Molly Burger, “Untitled”

26 Daniel Bassett, “Alex, 2009”

27 Daniel Bassett, “Boxing Office”

28 Marcus Leitch, “FRB”

29 Samantha Melfi, “Untitled”

30 Daniel Aguirre, “Untitled”

31 Zoe Isaac, “Untitled (Self Portrait)”

32 Carolyn Geason, “Flower!”

33 Carolyn Geason, “Puddle?”

34 Sam Rosenholtz, “Argonaut”

35 Sam Rosenholtz, “Quantum Mechanics”

36 Katie Kohnfelder, “Awareness”

37 Jacquelyn Dady, “Untitled #2 from the Tartan Series”

38 Zoe Isaac, “George”

39 Jessi Stern, “Untitled”

40 Elizabeth Nguyen, “Starfish”

41 Amelia Rose Childs, “Cranberries”

42 Lily Carlson, “Paper Plane”

43 Lily Carlson, “Wendy”

44 Adam Brochstein, “Rachael & Sarah Hayes”

45 Carlie Bristow, “Pincushion”

46 Christopher Hoodlet, “Autumn”

Taking In: Photography 2009