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Taking In is a student run project featuring a selection of work created by students attending the Art Institute of Boston. The project focuses on the business of promoting art and culminates each year with a juried exhibition, publication, and website all designed to promote selected works of AIB artists. The selected pieces were chosen anonymously by a jury of distinguished members of the Boston art community. The book in your hand is the end result of a collective effort by those in the class.

Publication Date

Spring 2012

Document Type



The Art Institute of Boston


Boston, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Art


Art and Design | Art Education | Art Practice | Book and Paper | Education | Fine Arts | Photography



Natalie Buscemi

Claire D’Anna

Robert Gallegos

Samantha George

Zoe Isaac

Madeline Lawson

Samantha Melfi

Liana Mestas

Katie Searles

Teaching assistant

Jay Bishop


Camilo Alvarez

Mags Harries

Scott Listfield

Table of Contents

10 Anthony Degrazia, “John's Lunch”

11 Anthony Degrazia, “Jean Jacket”

12 Elizabeth Shear, “Untitled 1”

13 Elizabeth Shear, “Untitled 2”

14 Timothy O'Connell, “Camden”

15 Timothy O'Connell, “Pigs”

16 Eric Moran, “Untitled”

17 Eric Moran, “Untitled”

18 Nathan Veilleux, “Untitled”

19 Nathan Veilleux, “Untitled”

20 Natalie Schaefer, “Belt”

20 Natalie Schaefer, “Towel”

21 Alina Donato, “If You Could Be Anyone 3”

21 Alina Donato, “If You Could Be Anyone 5”

22 Jay Bishop, “From the series Orphans of the American Dream”

23 Jay Bishop, “From the series Orphans of the American Dream”

24 Camilla Jerome, “Caught in the Headlights”

24 Camilla Jerome, “You Caught Me”

25 Niklas Wiekert, “Occupy the Media”

25 Niklas Wiekert, “Occupy the Students”

26 Bryan Donovan, “Blue Heron”

26 Bryan Donovan, “First House on the Left”

27 Bryan Donovan, “Blue Heron”

27 Bryan Donovan, “First House on the Left”

28 Akiyo Nishimiya, “Untitled 2”

29 Akiyo Nishimiya, “Untitled 3”

30 Andrea Brignolo, “2”

31 Andrea Brignolo, “3”

32 Gabi Bello, “Papá y Marti”

32 Katie Searles, “Loretta”

33 Katie Searles, “Untitled”

34 Emily Holzknecht, “Untitled”

35 Emily Holzknecht, “Woman”

36 Natalie Kennedy, “Untitled”

36 Natalie Kennedy, “Untitled”

37 Jeremy Starn, “Untitled”

37 Jeremy Starn, “Untitled”

38 Justin Kaneps, “Bill Starch Walking His Dog, Swansea MA”

39 Justin Kaneps, “Cayce's Living Room, Athens, OH”

40 Robert Gallegos, “Me (Being Lazy)”

41 Robert Gallegos, “Me (Picking Fruit)”

42 Samantha George, “1”

43 Samantha George, “2”

44 Dalton Patton, “Untitled 1”

44 Dalton Patton, “Untitled 2”

45 Samantha Carey, “Hidden Identity”

46 Ian Barry, “Untitled”

47 Ian Barry, “Untitled”

Taking In: A Juried Selection of Photography 2012