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Taking In is a student run project featuring a selection of work created by students attending the Art Institute of Boston. The project focuses on the business of promoting art and culminates each year with a juried exhibition, publication, and a website all designed to promote selected works of AIB artists. The selected pieces were chosen anonymously by a jury of distinguished members of the Boston art community to represent the best of AIB Photography in 2013. The book in your hands is the end result of a collective effort by those in the class.

Publication Date

Spring 2013

Document Type



The Art Institute of Boston


Boston, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Art, video


Fine Arts | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography



Sarah Barges

Tyler Willette

Lindsay Carey

Natalie Schaefer

Zak Rose

Jacquelyn Decareau

Ivy Maiorino

Sara Plum

Leah Cirker-stark

Samantha Carey

Editor and Teaching Assistant

Samantha Dell’Aquila


Mathew Nash


Noritaka Minami

Elizabeth Devlin

George Fifield

Table of Contents

08 Zak Rose, “Untitled”

09 Zak Rose, “Untitled”

10 Katie Johnson, “Marshall”

11 Katie Johnson, “Dawn's Wall”

12 Isabella Herrera, “Untitled”

12 Isabella Herrera, “Untitled”

13 Isabella Herrera, “Untitled”

14 Stephen Speranza, “Untitled”

15 Stephen Speranza, “Untitled”

18 Jacquelyn Decareau, “Jar with Water and Light”

19 Jacquelyn Decareau, “Optic Light #2”

20 Camilla Jerome, “Untitled”

21 Camilla Jerome, “Untitled”

22 Morgan Lascasse, “Untitled”

23 Morgan Lascasse, “Untitled”

24 Anthony Degrazia, “Staring Contest”

25 Anthony Degrazia, “Big Brother”

25 Anthony Degrazia, “The Gold Egg”

28 Mercy Banks, “Untitled”

28 Mercy Banks, “Untitled”

28 Mercy Banks, “Untitled”

29 Natalie Ann Schaefer, “Jessica”

30 Nathan Veilleux, “Untitled”

31 Nathan Veilleux, “Untitled”

32 Emily Chadwick, “Untitled”

33 Emily Chadwick, “Untitled”

34 Ivy Maiorino, “Untitled”

35 Sarah Sherman, “What We Covet”

36 Sarah Sherman, “Judgement”

39 Alex Friedlander, “Untitled”

40 Alex Friedlander, “Untitled”

41 Hawley Shea, “Jim Brzvde Backstage”

42 Hawley Shea, “Governor Deval Patrick 2013”

43 Tynan Byrne, “The Game”

44 Tynan Byrne, “Thanksgiving Morning”

45 Rachel Chabot, “Untitled”

46 Rachel Chabot, “Untitled”

Taking In: A Selection of Undergraduate Photography 2013