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This book is the third edition in the Taking In: series. As was the case in Taking In: I and II, the work, dedication, detail, and graphic design is extraordinary and impressive. The work submitted by our students, and selected by our distinguished judges, reflects the eclectic vision, visual intelligence, perception, and promise of a talented student body. During this first year as a class, Taking In: worked through twice as many submissions than the previous years in half the amount of time. The stable class structure allowed a dependable process to support creativity and enabled the students, as artists, to harness their vision for the end product.

Publication Date

Spring 2005

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Boston, MA


Student work, Photography, Student Publication, Juried Work, Undergraduate, Art


Art and Design | Art Education | Art Practice | Book and Paper | Education | Fine Arts | Photography


Table of Contents

08 Maria Arabbo, “Prozac Series”

09 Margaret Lamb, “Untitled 2”

10 Laurel Demarco, “Untitled”

11 Katie Chasteen, “Life Stills”

12 Lissa Rivera, “Public School Series”

13 Kelly Kleinschrodt, “Untitled dry sand, wet sand”

14 Esteban Aladro, “Never Disappointed: Growing up in Miami”

14 Esteban Aladro, “Never Disappointed: Growing up in Miami”

15 Noah Forman, “Car Ride”

16 Katherine Cummings, “Swans”

17 Alicia Paul, “Untitled”

18 Alex Weber, “Untitled”

19 Chris Herity, “The China Courts Series”

20 Kristina Ebbitt, “Bonnie and Barbie”

21 Bonnie Moses, “Paper Legs”

22 Marissa Molinaro, “Slow Motion Jaded”

23 Allison Carroll, “Untitled”

24 Rob Coshow, “Abandoned Naval Shipyard - La Ciotat, France”

25 Erika Noone, “Untitled”

26 Christina Tedesco, “Untitled”

27 Lucy Huffman, “Self Mutilation Series”

27 Lucy Huffman, “Self Mutilation Series”

28 Allen Meier, “Untitled”

28 Allen Meier, “Untitled”

29 Esteban Aladro, “Never Disappointed: Growing up in Miami”

30 Zev Fisher, “Manray Series”

30 Zev Fisher, “Manray Series”

31 Amanda Kilton, “Store Front Series”

32 Taylor Hingston, “Spidal”

33 Brendan Leonard, “Bedroom Ceiling #1”

34 Laurel Demarco, “Puberty”

35 Kurt Gilbert Wahlstrom, “A Manual for Happiness”

36 Germaine Murphy, “Untitled”

37 Kuj, “Wachusett Series”

38 Garett Campbell-Wilson, “Red Phoenix”

39 Noah Forman, “Dark World”

40 Brian Aderer, “Kaitlin”

41 Elizabeth Andre-Wilsie, “April and Ernie: The Tension Series”

42 Amy Diamond, “Untitled”

43 Shelby Skumanich, “Not Home, Not Foreign”

44 Amy Diamond, “Oaxaca”

45 Chad Meyer, “Untitled”

46 Alex Weber, “Scarf Series”

47 Katherine Cummings, “The Zoo Series”

48 Rob Coshow, “Sanary, France”