Violence Against Women conference

Violence Against Women conference



Violence Against Women: Representations, Interpretations, Explorations/Education

Gallery Exhibition & Conference

Gallery Exhibition: November 1st to December 2nd, 2018 in Lunder Arts Center
Exhibition Panel:November 8th (6-7:30 PM) in the lower-level screening room of University Hall (U-Hall)
Reception: Lunder Arts Center following the Exhibition Panel
Conference: November 9th in University Hall (U-Hall)

The representation of suffering is gender biased. Cultural representations of violence against women are mystified, eroticized and depicted as heroic, camouflaging and trivializing the act of violence as a norm in society. Women must bear suffering with beauty and grace, and the shock of violence is made invisible. Violence Against Women: Representations, Interpretations, Explorations, and Education, an exhibition and conference, brings this critical discussion to the forefront. Acts of violence against women are gaining more attention in the media because women are finding the courage to speak up against their perpetrators. There is an urgent need to support these voices by educating our communities and acting in the face of the numbness that comes from media saturation and the unwillingness of those in power to act. This conference aims to bring a collective and interdisciplinary action to this global epidemic.

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2018 - VAW: Representations, Interpretations, Explorations/Education