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This issue features works created by Lesley University students and covers a broad range of topics. The work itself crosses many disciplines from creative writing to visual arts.

Publication Date

Spring 2009

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Lesley University


Cambridge, MA


Student Work, Creative Writing, Poetry, Visual Arts


Creative Writing | Illustration | Painting | Photography | Poetry | Printmaking



09 Andy Corrine, "A Song to the Lettuce"

10 Melanie Henderson, "Go-Go"

11 Kiara Bernat, "In Passing"

12 Kiara Bernat, "Watermelon"

13 Chris Bock, "Song Cycle"

14 Erika Agard, "Good Guy Bad Guy"

15 Alex Wichowski, "What's on the Outside that Matters"

16 Alex Wichowski, "How Not To Ask Roxanne on a Date"

17 Lindsey Bloomberg, "Untitled"

25 Natalie Young, "Naming the Bar"

27 Katherine Fang, "The Field" 27

28 Katherine Fang, "Dancer"

30 Diana Wilkins, "peterboro, nh"

37 Larissa Runckle, "He Lies in Bed"

38 Eve Goggins, "The Moth"

39 Anna Kiran, "Rouge Geranium"

40 Anna Kirwan, "Mid Dark Age"

41 Ryan Kendall, "Feather Hell"

42 Ryan Kendall, "Creativity"

43 Diana Wilkins, "degrees south, 15 degrees west, lansing ave, worcester, ma"

47 Eve Goggins, "This is Death, This is War"

49 Lauren McAuliffe, "Over the Edge"

50 Anne Elizabeth Pluto, "Winter"

51 Anne Elizabeth Pluto, "Last Summer on Winslow Road "

53 Maria Scenna, "The Queen" (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)

54 Gail Jeidy, "Inhibitions"

58 Jason Moore, "Lay With Me"

59 Derek Burns, "A Quiet Reflection in Mushrooms"

68 Larissa Runckle, "Soft Light"

70 Andy Corrine, "Modulate"

71 Melanie Henderson, "Dilawar, after Death"

72 Erika Agard, "Love's Virus"

75 Natalie Young, "Summing Up the We in Us"

76 Sophia Terry, "Thoroughfare "

77 Sophia Terry, "Beech Street"

78 Teresa Cader, "Anywhere"


(Cover) Lindsey Bloomberg, Little Girl

19-20 Nellie Sweet, From the series: "The Barter's Dance"

26 Hope Dixon, "Drawing"

29 Katelyn Farriella, "Photograph"

36 Erin Lalley, "Drawing"

52 Anne Elizabeth Pluto, "Photograph"

61 Maria Scenna, "Drawing"

69 Emily Deutch, "Mouse on Branch"

79 Lindsey Bloomberg, "Vintage"


21 Kimberly Lambert, "Able, Woman"

31 Kate Charlton, "One New Message"

45 Melanie Haney, "On Third Street"

56 Jason Moore, "Heather and Ryan"

62 Gail Jeidy, "Subway"

Commonthought, Vol 20 (Spring 2009)