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Fall 9-15-2021

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PHD - Doctor of Philosophy


Individual & Interdisciplinary Studies

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Shaun McNiff

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Anne Pluto

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Maureen Shea



Using an art-based research design this study explored a possible link between spirituality and the theatrical rehearsal process. Drawing from three pre-selected monologues, four participating actors and I engaged in an abbreviated rehearsal process. I met with each participant individually four times over the course of two weeks where they explored and rehearsed their monologue. We met again (individually) four weeks later to reflect on the study, and each performed their monologue one last time. All sessions were audio and video recorded. The videos, along with their respective transcripts, and the study’s work product were used to determine the study’s outcomes, as evidenced in individual and summary videos. The study yielded the following outcomes. 1: The rehearsal process manifests connectedness, integrates body, voice, and spirit, and is invested in the human experience. 2: The sacred and spiritual dimensions of the rehearsal process are evidenced through empathy, vulnerability, and courage. 3. Rehearsal spaces are sacred spaces facilitated by artistic leaders who exhibit knowledge of craft, make room for exploratory work, and possess confidence and empathy.

Keywords: art-based research, artistic leadership, connectedness, empathy, rehearsal process, sacred space, spirituality, vulnerability

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