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Summer 6-30-2020

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PHD - Doctor of Philosophy


Expressive Therapies

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Michele Forinash

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Jason D. Butler

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Calli R. Armstrong


In this constructivist grounded theory study, seven participants considered experts of Developmental Transformations (DvT) were interviewed and asked about a Dramatic Conversation, a term that was developed during the researcher’s earlier pilot study. Inquiry was focused on each participant’s understanding of the concept of dimensionality as an interaction during the practice of DvT. Interviews were conducted remotely using a video conferencing platform after participants were provided with written working definitions of the terms to review. Transcripts provided raw data for analysis. Using a focused coding method followed by theory construction, four major themes emerged: Therapeutic Frame, Dramatic Core, Interactional Exchange, and Dimensionality. The results suggested that an expansion of DvT terminology should concentrate on the areas of dramatic media, the therapeutic relationship, and the dimensional interactions between those layers. A notable outcome was defining a new term, the Dramasphere; a DvT therapeutic environment which encapsulates multiple dimensions of interactions. A salient conclusion was that a Dramasphere offers the possibility for a comprehensive concept for DvT practice. Opportunities for clinical, educational, and research-based development using this theory are presented.

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