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PHD - Doctor of Philosophy


Expressive Therapies

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Susan Spaniol

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Ellen Winner

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Anthony Apesos


This dissertation explores non-artist creators’ verbal and non-verbal dialogues with an art material - clay - and their accompanying reflective narratives. The objectives o f this arts based and qualitative research are to gain further insight into two aspects of the creative process for non-artists: what the creator does with the art material and what, upon reflection, she says about the material, the process, and the product. In addition, the participants’ perception of correspondences between the way they work with the art material and how they approach other life and learning situations are explored. The interaction between thinking and doing emerges as the most significant finding of this research. The thinking category encompasses four groups where the participants employ different modes of thinking strategies. Different modes o f thinking create a different kind of doing with the material. These dialogues between creator and material can be seen to exemplify individual ways of ‘making sense’ in the interaction between sensing, feeling, thinking, and doing, and the material, in which structure, process, content, and meaning intertwine.

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