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PHD - Doctor of Philosophy


Expressive Therapies

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Robyn F. Cruz

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Mitchel Kussak

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Nurit Marcus


The research investigated the effectiveness of an innovative model of combined Expressive Therapies (ET) and outreach therapy. This model was developed to accommodate the needs of dysfunctional clients who cannot fully benefit from the conventional ET setting. The study was a preliminary qualitative case study, investigating the assumption that combining ET work in the office with an activity in an outreach setting chosen by the client could contribute to initial experiences of coping and success for dysfunctional clients. One woman and two men aged 20, 32 and 47 participated in the research over 15 sessions on a twice a week schedule. Even though the research intervention was rather short, all three clients reported meaningful improvement in their abilities to cope with some aspects of daily activity. All three also reported meaningful positive change in their general well being and mood.

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