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Spring 5-5-2019

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MCM - MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Expressive Therapies


Michelle Napoli


Post traumatic slave syndrome (PTSS) is defined as “a condition that exists when a population has experienced multigenerational trauma resulting from centuries of slavery and continues to experience oppression and institutionalized racism today.” Throughout this literature review, the physical, mental, and socioemotional impacts of institutionalized oppression through the years from the 1600s to the present, exhibited in the multiple sectors of society as it relates to the African American (AA) community are explored and addressed through the theoretical framework of PTSS. While a sizable body of literature has supported Expressive Arts Therapy (EAT) with traumatized populations, very little research has been developed regarding specific Expressive Arts Therapy interventions for reducing the negative effects of PTSS in the AA community. This literature review seeks to acknowledge the gaps in the research while identifying the intersectionality between the benefits of individual Expressive Arts modality interventions with the AA community and Expressive Arts Therapy theoretical frameworks with populations who have experienced trauma exposure.

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