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Spring 5-16-2020

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Dr. Ara Parker


Through discerning the art of life, this thesis is a review of literature which looks at how psyche and planet processing systems mirror one another and merge through eco arts therapeutic practices. It is an inquiry into philosophic ideas behind the nature of sensibility, perceptibility, and experience. As art mirrors the self and nature mirrors the self, a twofold entry-point opens, where one travels into accordance with all planes of consciousness. The literature investigates relationships amongst the arts, science, biology, and interspecies and ecological sentience to address collective conditions of deception, displacement, etc. It examines how directing attention to self and planet through eco arts therapeutic practices facilitates restorative powers, conscious harmonious flow, reciprocal dynamic functioning, communion, and embodiment of life-giving resources, etc. Theoretical contributions are delved into involving ecopsychology, transpersonal psychology, quantum physics, systems theory, hermeneutics, phenomenology, relational and intersubjectivity theories, self-reflexive consciousness, ecosomatics, and the idea of a collective disorder termed nature deficit disorder. Methodological contributions involve studies treating educationally, behaviorally, contextually, playfully and artistically, communally, relationally amongst interspecies, with biophilia, etc. Ultimately, this literature review generates space for enhancing perceptual being and contextual belonging through creativity.

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