Date of Award

Spring 5-22-2021

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MA - Master of Arts


Expressive Therapies


Sarah Hamil


Understanding why so many individuals struggle with their body image becomes easier by analyzing how society promotes a “thin ideal” through the media, the way women talk to one another about their bodies (a term known as fat talk), social comparisons, and how families advocate for a slender build. Body image refers to our perception, feelings, and actions in regard to our body (Kaslow & Eicher, 1988; Seijo, 2016). Negative thoughts and feelings about one’s body as a result of viewing the media’s unattainable thin ideals, engaging in harmful and negative dialogue about one’s body, comparing one’s body or appearance to those who are thinner, prettier, or more muscular, and the lingering emotional scars from comments made by family members all play a role in the development of body dissatisfaction. By focusing on body functionality, the expressive arts is a useful tool to reconnect the individual to their body. Exploring through collage provides a non-threatening medium that allows the client’s subconscious to understand their problems through symbols and metaphors. The intention of this thesis is to understand the value of collage for those struggling with body image and the importance of fostering body confidence at a young age.

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