Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice


Tania Cañas

Publication Date

Fall 2013


This article takes a critical look at how Theatre of the Oppressed is assisting the self and social transformation of severely disadvantaged groups that fall into the legal and political gaps. Specifically, it will look at the ideological essence of Freire’s conscientization, as prompted through Theatre of the Oppressed workshops run with asylum seekers in Melbourne. It will focus on the early stages of the conscientization process which centers on the notion of ‘self’ through reflection and contextual orientation. This will encompass an analysis into the old, new and evolving definitions of ‘oppressed’ and oppressive dynamics with relation to Theatre of the Oppressed poetics. Discussion will then move beyond this notion of recognition of the oppressed self to verbalization as an acknowledgement of oppression. Later it discusses workshops and group dynamics as conscientizing elements that promote transformation of the self.



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