Date of Award

Spring 5-22-2021

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MA - Master of Arts


Mindfulness Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Melissa Jean

Second Advisor

Dr. Nancy Waring


Every major period of life brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Midlife remains a mostly uncharted territory in the field of human development. Given that women of middle age currently comprise over 17 % of the total population, it is essential that we seek a better understanding of middle age and what may or may not be beneficial during this stage of life. The purpose of this work is to present a supportive academic rationale paper and a creative project consisting of a book with a journal component on mindfulness practices for finding ease and grace in the midst of midlife’s changes for women. This paper is based on existing research in the field of mindfulness in relation to stress and overall well-being. It is my hope to make the benefits of mindfulness practices accessible to women who are able and inclined to explore mindfulness as a supportive tool during this important phase of life.

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