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MA - Master of Arts


Mindfulness Studies

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Dr. Melissa Jean

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Dr. Andrew Olendzki


Racism is a deeply embedded, foundational aspect of American society. However, because the privilege of Whiteness insulates White individuals from the workings of systemic injustice and oppression and enables them to choose the conditions of their accountability in the movement for racial justice, many remain painfully blind to this fact. As such, there is a significant need for those who have been racialized White to develop a critical awareness of the powers and privileges ascribed to their racial identity. The working premise of this thesis is that mindfulness can assist White individuals in unlinking the socialized habits of mind that sustain and reinforce racism and increase their capacity to identify and interrupt embodied experiences of unconscious bias as they occur. Additionally, mindfulness can help them to build the emotional resilience to withstand the inevitable discomfort that arises during explorations of race. Development of these crucial skills could clear a path to racial equity.

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