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Spring 5-21-2022

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PHD - Doctor of Philosophy


Expressive Therapies

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Michele Forinash, DA

Second Advisor

Mitchell Kossak, PhD

Third Advisor

Diane Austin, DA


The purpose of this research study was to gain insight through the process of recording and visualizing voices singing together using digital technology. Three female adults and one male adult between the ages of 23-90, used various modes of artistic expression such as singing, free-writing, artmaking, songwriting, and music composition. Emphasis was placed on each participant recording and examining the aesthetic qualities of their combined voice parts. The questions that helped to guide this arts-based inquiry were: 1) How can digital technology be utilized to bring various vocal aspects of oneself together? 2) What are the impacts of visualizing a digital collage of one’s own recorded voices? and, 3) How can the combination of digital technology and one’s own recorded voices coming together inform, affirm, and support the various aspects of oneself? The central findings from this research included: using a focal point to build trust, awareness through visualizing self, and the importance of honest expression.

Keywords: arts-based research, digital technology, music therapy, songwriting, singing, expressive therapies

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